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Hi, Lovely buyers! Thank you for visiting our shop.

We hope you find our products gorgeous and useful for all types of your organizational needs. We believe we have the most various designs one can find, currently on the market - due to the long history off-line shop in Korea we have for over one decade. The off- line shop has been run for many years, and closely connected with manufacturing plants. Our shop provides a large selection of lace trims mainly and is always trying to list new styles of pattern laces and fabrics.

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14Yds Broderie Anglaise Cotton Eyelet lace trim Ivory 1.6" (4cm) YH877 laceking2013 14Yds Broderie Anglaise cotton eyelet lace trim White 6cm YH878 laceking2013 14Yds Broderie Anglaise cotton eyelet lace trim Ivory 6cm YH878 laceking2013 14yds Embroidered Broderie Anglaise cotton lace White 0.7"(NET 1cm) YH880 laceking2013

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